Fukk Bar Culture/Seized

Since I heard about this tape about a month ago, I badly need it one to be in my collection. Mostly because it has Seized on it. I mean Fukk Bar Culture isn’t bad or anything, I actually like them better on this tape than on their Broken Minds tape EP. More “defined” if I can say so my self. But like I mentioned above, I’m getting this because of Seized. The first time I heard of Seized was from their split tape with OATH. That was months ago, they’re playing this style of hardcore punk not unlike No Justice, short fast and just straight to the point. Not sugar coating the lyrics. Awesome!. I always into bands like these and in my opinion they do it better than other bands that are playing this kinda sound and style here in Indonesia. They covered one of Minor threat’s on this tape. Nice! I’ve been trying to get my hands on every single releases they’ve ever put out. So far I have this tape, the Oath split tape and the singles collection tape. So if anyone wanting to sell their earlier eps/tapes or anything, please shoot me an email. Ill definetely buy them off you. If you like getting this split tape, which I really think you should, you might wanna try Suhatkor Records (suhatkor@yahoo.com) the label that put this tape out. A co-release with Time Up records. Get it before they’re gone. Releases like this, they never pressed many of them. Good luck.



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